Corsican polyphony by Cunfraterna di a Serra

The Cunfraterna di a Serra brought a unique concert titled Canti sacri in the Walloon church in Amsterdam. The Cunfraterna a di Serra is a Corsican polyphonic ensemble which sings and cappella hymns and chants according to an ancient, orally transmitted tradition.

In the preamble to Easter chants from the "Semana santa", Holy Week, were sung, including Stabat Mater and Via Crucis.

The concert ended with the Corsican anthem, Dio vi salvi Regina.

De Cunfraterna di a Serra is a brotherhood from the eastern region of Corsica which include the village of Pianellu and some more surrounding villages. In 2010 a cutting of the Anne Frank tree has been planted in Pianellu as a symbol of hope, respect and freedom. (see photos and article)
With this concert in Amsterdam the brothers of the Cunfraterna wished to show their gratitude and to emphasize the importance of unity and solidarity.

CD "Laude"

Chants sacrés. Un magnifique témoignage des traditions cantonales du catholicisme. Avec les chants des confréries corses, c'est toute la vie du catholicisme rural des siècles passés qui continue de palpiter. Cet enregistrement a été réalisé en 1997 en l'église de Pianellu dans la vallée de la Bravone en Corse.

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